Calgary Landmark – Studio Bell


Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre, is a stunning architectural landmark located in Calgary’s East Village. The construction for this 160,000 square foot cultural centre started in 2013, and was completed in 2016. The interwoven design of the building, using metallic and earthy tile that were made in Germany and fired in the Netherlands are inspired by the light, landscape, and geography of the northern prairie. The material used for the exterior of the building is meant to visually magnify the varied natural light conditions of Calgary, while also giving the building a rich and distinguished presence. The structural appearance of the building is also inspired by the curvilinear shapes of musical instruments. Studio Bell was created to amplify the rich history and future of Canadian music.

Aside from the beautiful architecture to explore, there are many things to do at Studio Bell. There are 22 exhibition stages that you can tour with interactive activities that tell the story of music in Canada. There are lots of instruments to play, tracks to mix, and even a vocal booth to sing in. An after school drop in program is available for students, as well as curriculum based programs for both teachers and students. Daily tours are available, where you can see the collection of over 2000 rare instruments, and memorabilia and artifacts from three Canadian Music Halls of Fame. Aside from exhibitions and the many programs offered, you can also book your own private events.

You can find out more about Studio Bell by visiting the website, This inspiring Calgary landmark is certainly a perfect place to visit for any music lover!