Classic Renovation Updates for a Fresh Look

classic renovation updates

There are lots of design styles that have become popular over the years, and our homeowners have taken note! From removing walls to create bright open concepts, to adding simple pops of colours in kitchens, we have been doing them all. We love to create timeless looks, while also updating homes to keep with current trends.

One common renovation request is to create bright, open concept living spaces. This often requires removing walls. Sometimes these walls are load bearing for roof systems or second stories, and therefore need to be replaced by beams and posts. Whatever the case, we can make it work. There are many advantages to having open concept floor layouts. They make a space look larger, create a better environment for entertaining by having open space for guests to mingle, as well as make the area brighter by allowing more light into the home.


Another renovation request we get is to create larger, more versatile kitchens that are the centerpiece to the home, since so much entertaining takes place in the kitchen. Islands are a very popular request as they create a great place for seating and mingling, as well as storage, cooking and prep. Islands often include sinks or stoves, bar fridges, and outlets.


A great way to add flair to a home is to add interesting and varied ceiling treatments. This can be as simple as adding crown moulding, or as extensive as creating or exposing a vaulted ceiling. We are often getting requests from our homeowners to add exposed beams and woodwork, and coffered ceilings are also a beautiful addition as they make the ceiling look very rich.


Since more and more people are working from home, or work at home part time, we have seen a rise in the request for home office spaces. This can be anything from a converted bedroom or den, to a section in the kitchen when space is available. When offices are incorporated into the kitchen, we make it look streamlined by matching the cabinets and countertops.


Pops of colour can help liven up a home, while also adding depth and dimension. Accent walls are fun, and an easy way to renovate the home every few years as well by simply painting the wall. You can use any colour you like; if you use a dark colour, it creates an illusion of depth as it appears to push the wall back. Another way to add colour to your home is a bright coloured backsplash. achieve this with paint or tiles. Another really easy way to add temporary colour to a room is with bright coloured pillows or an area rug.


Another style that has become popular in home renovations is the use of intricate patterns and mosaics. These are most commonly found using tiles or wallpaper. Some of the most popular shapes are chevrons, hexagons, harlequin diamonds, and Moroccan tile shapes. We can also achieve patterns by placing simple tiles and flooring in a herringbone layout. Vintage black and white patterned tiles are also making a comeback and we are using them more and more in our renovation projects. Wallpaper is another great way to add patterns, and particularly nice as an accent wall.