Experience, Licensing and City of Calgary Permits

Haysboro Home Rebuild

As I mentioned before I will be talking about a few points in each of the next several blog posts that you should consider before hiring your renovation company.  Hope you find this information useful!


Ensuring that your general contractor is licensed with the City of Calgary should be one of your first steps.  Only licensed contractors are able to obtain building permits with the City of Calgary.  Though not all licensed contractors have the credibility and experience to be trusted in your home, a general contractor’s license with the City of Calgary is a necessity for any construction and renovation work that you plan to have done on your home.

City of Calgary Permits

Prior to the commencement of any renovation work in your home your general contractor will need to have obtained approved permits for the work to be done.  From Development, to Demolition, to Building Permits, all work done on your home needs to have approved plans that are registered with the City of Calgary.  Municipal governments have laid the groundwork for requiring permits to keep you, the homeowner, safe.  By ensuring that all work done in your home is approved and inspected you can have peace of mind over the soundness of your structure and all of the ‘guts’ of your home (electrical wiring, plumbing and gas lines, etc.).  Having proper permits and inspections in place also ensures that your home insurance will stay valid.


What sort of experience does your contractor have working in the renovation industry?  Can your renovator provide guidance about what sorts of changes can be made to your home, with respect to your budget?  Do you feel comfortable asking questions of your general contractor to ensure that they have wide knowledge and thorough experience of the many steps and products used in every home renovation?  Watching a show on television about renovations and years of hands on experience working in the field are two completely different things.  Your contractor should have a depth of experience working on the type of renovation project you plan to have done on and in your home.

If you have any questions either James or myself are always happy to share advice based upon our experience with you.  Happy renovating!