Featured Kitchen Renovation – Contemporary Open Concept: Woodlands

Without expanding the size of your home, you can create the feel of a larger space by removing walls for an open concept look. That is exactly what our homeowners were able to achieve in their 1979 home. Since their roof is built using trusses, it made the option to remove the walls much simpler as they were not load bearing.

Another requirement for our homeowner’s dream kitchen was to have an island, complete with bar stools. Not only would this be a functional addition for eating casual meals and entertaining, but also for storage, cooking, and prep. This also allowed for the sink to be removed from the back wall of the home so that the wall could be made into a focal point for the stove. We completed the back wall with classic white subway tiles; a truly timeless, beautiful look.

Our homeowners frequently use the back door to access their backyard, so the doorway needed to stay as is. There was a clearly defined hallway and entrance to that back door, but since the walls were removed, we now had the option to expand the kitchen into that space. We had the perfect idea to create a full pantry and fridge space along the wall. Since our homeowners wanted a tv in their kitchen to listen to the hockey game while cooking, we created a space for their TV in one of the pantries. When not in use, they can simply hide the TV behind the doors.

Like many people, our homeowners found themselves constantly at the kitchen table working from their laptop. We needed to create an intentional space for them to work, and have it flow with the rest of the kitchen. We designed a seamless office space along the back wall by using matching cabinets and countertops.

A space that once felt closed off and small, is now open and bright. It is perfect for entertaining company, or for just simply doing everyday activities. We have left our homeowners with a home that meets their unique needs so they will want to stay for many years to come.


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