Featured Kitchen Renovation – Structural Changes in Beddington Heights

summer featured kitchen renovation

This stunning kitchen and dining space was not always so bright and open. Prior to the renovation process, this space was very closed off, with a wall separating the kitchen from the front living area. It had 8 foot ceilings, and a sunken floor to create a back nook area which made each space feel very choppy and closed off. There was an old brick fireplace in the back nook area that was never used by our homeowners, so it was just wasted space.

Our homeowners were faced with the difficult question of moving to find something more open and usable for their family, or staying and renovating to make the space they have work for them. During our initial consultation with the homeowners, we discovered a vaulted ceiling above the existing 8 foot ceilings. Exposing this vaulted ceiling would make the space feel so open. With the help of a structural engineer, we could create the design for the vaulted ceiling, as well as get the approval for the wall removal.

Our next challenge would be making the kitchen area cohesive. The sunken flooring for the back nook did not allow for a smooth design, so we decided to raise the sunken floor and convert the back space into a family dining space. We removed the unused fireplace so that our homeowners could have pantries and beautiful floating shelves to display their art and valuables. The home originally had two windows and a patio door at the back. We changed the two windows to one large window, and the patio door became one 36” door at the back corner with a tile entrance. Raising the sunken floor also required us to raise the opening for the new door. To do this, we installed a temporary support wall to support the roof while we installed new headers for the new door and window.

The original home design also had a small window above the kitchen sink along the main wall. The decision was made to move the sink over to a kitchen island, and create a gorgeous feature wall for the stove, complete with a white subway tile laid out in a herringbone pattern.

The existing hardwood floor in the home was a gorgeous white oak grain with a red stain. Our homeowners had extra to use for the rest of the renovation which looks so perfect with the bright white cabinet style that was chosen.

Another thing that was important to our homeowners was to have a nice office space in the kitchen for working at home and still being close to the family. We created a quaint office space with custom upper shelves to match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

The before and after to this home is simply stunning, and we are honoured to be able to create a design that our homeowners are proud to live in.

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