Featured Kitchen Renovation – Western Inspired Open Concept Kitchen

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Prior to renovating this home, there were lots of discussions about a functional design; Our homeowners wanted a beautiful open concept design. Their home had a wall separating the living room from the kitchen, and also a wall separating the dining room. When it comes to working with the existing structure of the home, the house determines what changes can be made. As this is an older two story home, the wall was load bearing, as well as it was hiding hot and cold air ducts to the upstairs. We needed to accommodate this, yet still work with the homeowners to give them the open concept design they desired. Our solution was to put a steel beam to support the second story. The problem with steel beams is that they have to sit below the floor joists, and they are quite costly. We were able to split the span of the steel beam with a post and a LVL beam to still provide the support the upstairs required, but without having the ceiling sit so low. The stove vent made the steal beam portion of the ceiling look intentional. One matter to still address was the duct work carrying hot and cold air upstairs. We incorporated a post with wine storage into the island to carry those ducts upstairs.

We absolutely love how this renovation turned out, and are so happy to have been able to give our homeowners what they truly desired.