Go Solar | Mounting Solar Panels With Ground Screws

Some cool new technology to explore is the use of ground screws together with solar power. Galvanized-steel screws, varying in length, are becoming more and more popular with the install of solar panels in Alberta. After Alberta introduced the solar rebate program,  there was a large increase in the demand for solar-power.

So, what’s the benefit of using ground screws for solar panels? Solar panels are extremely heavy in order to withstand high winds. As we know, prairie winds can get quite fierce! Ground screws can hold up to 60,000 pounds, and withstand  winds up to 145 km per hour! This is extremely beneficial as solar panels work effectively when there is very little movement. They are also environmentally friendly, because they provide structural support from the ground with the surrounding soil. There’s no concrete, or rock removal required versus the traditional method of installing solar panels. If you’ve been considering adding solar panels to your home, this is a great method to look into.