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Home Additions

Bonus Rooms

Always wanted to create a bonus room over your garage?

Increase Home Footprint

Additions that increase the footprint of your home will add to the square footage of your home.

Add a Second Floor

Want to add a second floor to your existing home?

As your family grows, or as your spare time grows, it may be time to add to the square footage of your home to create the space that will have you loving spending time in your home!

Additions to create more floor space in your home make sense for any number of the following reasons:
• You have invested in the landscaping of your yard.
• Your lifestyle is established in the neighborhood you are living in here in Calgary.
• Your family is growing (either with a new baby or with bringing an older family member to live with you).
• You would like to create an income generating rental suite.
• You are starting a home business or are growing your home business.
• For any other reasons that have you wanting to stay in your existing home, but it just does not have enough living space for your lifestyle.

There are several ways to add to the square footage of your home; among them are:

• Additions that increase the footprint of your home.

• Additions to create bonus rooms over garages.

• Additions to add a second floor onto any area of your home.

Additions are a structural change to your home, and will need a City of Calgary Building Permit, and may also need a City of Calgary Development Permit. The planning stages for additions that require a City of Calgary Development can take several months, so it is important to begin planning for your addition the year prior to when you would like construction to begin.

Our collaborative team will start with you, and then our architect, structural and foundation engineers, interior designer and general contracting and project management team. Together we will work with you to create an addition that flows nicely with your existing home and creates the additional living space that will allow you to comfortably live in your home.

Client Examples

We design and build home additions for our Calgary clients. We make your home stand out. Here are some examples.

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