“Hot” Date – Made by Marcus Ice Cream Shop

Nothing beats ice cream on a hot summer day, except when you can enjoy that ice cream with someone special. Made by Marcus, a local ice cream shop in Calgary is a perfect place to do just that! The hip retail space offers the perfect environment for a cozy summer date!

Marcus Purtzki, proud owner of Made by Marcus, loves to play with unique ingredients to get some of the most delicious flavours.  Marcus earned a bachelor’s degree in food science and nutrition at UBC, so he understands how different sugars and proteins work to affect the texture and flavour of the finished product. Before his ice cream business, he started out making macarons, and would deliver these handmade treats to clients in Calgary. Macarons are made with large quantities of egg whites, so Marcus was left with large amounts of leftover yolk that he decided to turn into ice cream. Soon, Marcus’ rich and dense ice cream became more popular than his macarons, and eventually he required larger equipment, freezers, and a retail space to accommodate the increasing demand for his delicious ice cream.

The ice cream is made from scratch using local, fresh ingredients and served in hand-made waffle cones. If you’re looking for something other than ice cream, you can enjoy a selection of coffee and pastries as well; truly the perfect date environment!

You can find Made by Marcus along 17th Ave, at #121 1013 17 Ave SW, Calgary.