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Dramatically Understated

We have all heard the term “design is in the details” and it is a statement that could not be truer when it comes to creating a perfect, well designed space.  When we designers at SmithErickson Designs are creating a space, we love to bring in some understated details that can be perceived as subtle but create interest and layers in a room. These are the details that you can’t really put your finger on what makes the room, but essentially make all the difference in completing the overall feel of the space.

Interior finishing is often one of those details that can stand in the shadows of all of the furnishings, but it is what secretly makes a room.  We find that adding classic features to a space provide a beautiful backdrop and add architectural detail. Consider tall baseboards to enhance the ceiling height and ceiling crown molding to draw the eye up.  Floor to ceiling wall paneling painted out the same color as the walls adds texture and depth.

Mixing metals is another way to elevate a room and can be achieved through mixing finishes of plumbing fixtures, hardware, light fixtures and accessories.  There is no rule that you need to repeat the same metal finish throughout your design.  Select one predominate finish and then bring in one to two other finishes. We find that by mixing metals this makes a room look curated but not “staged”.  When a room looks staged it tends to appear to be sterile and not lived in. When you have mixed metals in a room, it feels like things have been collected over time and creates a story.

Pattern and texture are important elements to keep in mind when making selections for your home. Incorporate different scaled patterns when selecting fixed finishes such as tiles. Rather than selecting the same tile throughout a room, choose different size of scale tiles in a similar color tone for an understated effect. Adding mosaic tiles, installing tiles in different directions or patterns adds depth to a space.  Blending different textures such as polished, honed, handmade or rough can also help achieve a well balanced space.

Choosing elements for your home that are classic and understated ultimately creates a dramatic space that will stand the test of time.

– SmithErickson Designs

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