Interior Design, Individual Personalities, Dialogue and Respect for Your Budget

Team Mayfield Renovations - Chris Wensley

Today we’re talking about the next few points off of my original list of things to consider when hiring your renovation contractor.  Let’s think about whether the renovation contractor you are considering hiring offers access to an interior designer that they collaborate with, how your individual personalities interact and how they dialogue with you,  and what sort of respect is shown for your budget.


Does your general contractor work with a designer who can give you input and advice to help you develop the floor plan you are looking for?  Working with a designer who contracts for your renovator and understands the construction stages of your project will ensure that the renovations you are planning are actually able to be done on your home.  This is important to help you develop a feasible plan that fits into what you are looking to change about your home.  A designer who has experience with the construction stages of your planned project will be able to give you feedback on whether your renovator will be able to create the changes you are looking for.  A good designer can provide direction to help you stick within your renovation budget.  Working with a designer who works for your renovator also gives you access to their suppliers for products from flooring to cabinetry, and everything in between.  Experience with the different products and finishes you are thinking of using in your renovation will give you feedback on usage, care and maintenance, and compatibility with what you already own.

Personality and Dialogue

Sometimes we forget to stress this importance of working with a general contractor whose personality and values are compatible with your own.  Renovations can be a stressful time, even for the best prepared homeowners.  Similar to having a house cleaner working in your home, during your renovations you will have workers coming in and out of your home.  The difference is that with renovations versus cleaning, the people working in your home will be there for several days, even weeks in a row, depending upon the scope of your renovations.  If you choose to live in your home during your renovations it is important to hire a general contractor who is trustworthy and who you feel comfortable talking throughout the many stages of work as your renovation takes shape.  Since no person is a complete authority in their field, another important thing to look for is a renovator who is willing and able to find answers to any questions that you have.

Respect for your Budget

Does your contractor respect your budget and work with you to develop a plan that will work for both of you?  If the changes that you would like to make you your home are over your budget, your renovator should be able to advise you as to which parts of your plan can be adapted and later upgraded in order to stick within your budget.  You will want to feel comfortable trusting your general contractor’s advice on pricing and changes which will alter the price of your renovations, whether by raising or lowering the final cost of your planned renovation.  By working together and communicating honestly and openly you can have a wonderful renovation experience that leaves you with a home that you love to be in.