From inception to completion, every step of your renovation must be planned and thought out. We take care to do each step properly, and firmly believe that if you are going to make the investment to renovate your home you deserve solid construction that will endure for many years to come.

We are specialists in renovations with structural changes, such as kitchen renovations involving the removal of walls between the kitchen, dining and living room areas. We use only products that have been well researched to provide you with the most enduring construction.

1. Initial Conversation

Expected Time: 20 minutes

I’m sure you’ve been talking about whether you should renovate for some time!  Throughout your conversations the changes you’d like to make to your home start to become more focused, or perhaps what has become more apparent are the areas of your home that just don’t work for you.


The initial phone conversation helps us to understand the scope of the project you are looking for, and to set up a time for the initial site visit to meet with a Mayfield team member, and for us to meet you and see the areas of your home you would like to change.

2. Initial Site Visit

Expected Time: 1-2 hours

The initial site visit with a Mayfield team member is a conversational, fun meeting.  We love getting to know you, and for you to get to know us.  This helps us to determine if we are a good fit to work together.  Renovations require an investment of time and money from the homeowner.  Our projects are a collaborative, team effort, so it is important for you to feel that you can easily communicate with us and for us to understand that you value our expertise in this industry.


During this initial site visit we begin getting to know your personal tastes and habits, and we’ll chat about what does and does not work well in your home.  We will also take measurements and pictures of the areas you would like to renovate.  As we begin to understand the areas in your home you’d like to improve, we will help you think outside of the box on what is possible, and how your home can be modified to perfectly suite your lifestyle and needs.

3. Estimate

Expected Time: 1-2 weeks

From the information we’ve gathered during our initial site visit we develop your preliminary estimate for the scope of work that was discussed.  We may also include other optional items or tasks that we know are complimentary to your project and make sense to be done at the same time as your renovation.  If your project includes new cabinetry we prepare preliminary, basic layouts for you to see how your new cabinetry could look.  Our estimate includes the fixed portion of your project that is dependent on the scope of work required, as well as all allowance items that will be required for this scope of work.


Allowance items are items that will be installed as finishes for your project that are dependent on the choices you will make with our interior designer.  Finishes include items like flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, etc. and may fluctuate in cost depending on the type of product you prefer.  Mayfield Renovations Ltd. provides budget allowance amounts based on what our previous clients have chosen for a similar level of finish to what we believe you will want in your home.  Renovations may go over budget if the estimate does not account for the level of finishes the client will prefer.  Some renovation estimates only include builder grade finishes, and we hear the stories of how homeowners aren’t aware of this until after demolition has happened in their home and they now must invest more than their original budget to complete their project.  Therefore, Mayfield provides you with budgets that are representative for your personal taste.


If your renovation projects will uncover or open areas of your structure that have been concealed, a contingency budget must be allowed for unexpected issues that may be exposed and are required to be brought up to current building code requirements.

4. Initial Estimate Presentation

Expected Time: 1-2 hours

Once we have prepared your estimate, we are ready to present it to you!  During this meeting we review the components that are specific to your renovation, and common to all Mayfield estimates and quotes:


  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Allowance Items
  • Optional Upgrades
  • Pricing Summary
  • Contingencies, Terms and Conditions
  • Payment Schedule
  • Several appendices discussing:
    • What to expect during your renovation if you live at home or move out
    • Maintenance for your finishes
    • Your Interior Designer
    • Warranty
    • Etc.

It is the contractor’s responsibility to thoroughly explain all aspects of the estimate and quote to you, therefore Mayfield only provide estimates and quotes in person, and when all parties have the time to properly go through each area of your estimate or quote.


Since excellent renovations are like creating a custom home in the area you are renovating, there may be many variables to consider in order to customize your renovation specifically to you.  Due to this, the initial estimate presentation serves as the springboard to refine the scope of the project and the estimate until it perfectly fits your needs and budget.


After this meeting you will take the time you need to properly read the estimate again and to develop your query list, and to identify desired changes to the scope.  Some projects evolve over three to four estimate revisions and end up with a scope that is different from the original estimate.  It is through this process of refinement that the perfect renovation for you is thoughtfully developed.

5. Refine Estimate and Sign Formal Quote

Expected Time: As needed, 2-4+ weeks

Once you have thoroughly read the initial estimate, you will have developed your own version of a query list.  Mayfield understands that we all interact with different communication styles, therefore we adapt to how you prefer to communicate; some of our clients develop their query list in a spreadsheet format which they email to us, while other clients simply write their comments on the pages of their estimate for us to review together in person.  From here we adapt the initial estimate according to your desired changes to the scope.  Some projects evolve over three to four estimate or quote revisions, and a few projects each year actually change to having a final scope that is quite different from the scope of the original estimate.


For some projects, including but not limited to all large projects with major structural changes, a design fee is contracted first, to allow for the scope of the project to be thoroughly identified through planning with our architect, structural engineer, and/or interior designer prior to finalizing the quote. 


Once the scope is developed to the perfect fit for you, in this house, and at this point in your life, it is printed and bound into a formal quote.  We will sign the formal quote in person, and create a schedule of appointments for the next phase of planning for your renovation.

6. Design Phase

Expected Time: Depending on scope of project, 2 weeks up to 1 year+

We genuinely care about empowering you to make the best choices for your lifestyle.  Because of this core value, for larger projects like an entire home makeover or a custom rebuild, the design phase can take up to a year (or more) depending on the decisiveness of the homeowner and ability to schedule design planning meetings.  For large projects, proper planning leads to much better finished project, therefore it is important to allow for sufficient time to not rush decisions during this phase.  For these large projects Step 6 is actually completed prior to Step 5, so a design fee is contracted first, to allow for the scope of the project to be thoroughly identified through the design planning stage prior to finalizing the quote. 


Depending on the scope of your project, the following professionals may be involved in the design phase of your renovation:


A. Architect:


If your project requires a City of Calgary development permit, our architect will handle all aspects of the drawings, applications and meetings with the city for the Development and Building Permits


a) Drafting: For smaller projects, and/or some projects that only require a City of Calgary Building Permit, our drafter will develop the drawings and/or elevations for your renovation and a Mayfield team member will handle the city permitting process.


B. Structural Engineer:


For all projects with structural changes, and projects with framing changes, Mayfield’s structural engineer will design the required structural components, provide sealed drawings, site inspections and structural reports.  Renovations often require very creative structural plans, so it is important for the structural engineer to be involved in the design phase of the renovation.


C. Interior Designer:


Mayfield works with three interior design firms that all share the same core values as our company.  We will match you with the interior designer who is the best fit for you, your style, and the scope of your renovation.  Your interior designer will work with you to choose the finishes (allowance items) for your renovation, the cabinet layouts that work best for you, and to help you choose a color palette that you love.  You may also choose to work with your designer to help stage your home after your renovation is complete.

7. Construction

Expected Time: Depending on scope of project, 1 week up to 1 year+

The construction stage of your project follows the schedule from your quote and will include all aspects of carrying out the on-site portion of your project until completion.  The actual stages of construction for your renovation will depend upon the scope of your project, and some stages are able to take place simultaneously.  Here are some of the stages of construction that may be a part of your renovation:


  • Site Preparation
  • Demolition and/or Excavation
  • Structural Work: Foundation and Concrete Work, Framing, Exterior Doors and Windows, etc.
  • Utility and Mechanical Rough-ins
  • City of Calgary Site Inspections
  • Exterior Finishing, Sidewalks, Landscaping, etc
  • Insulation
  • Drywall and Ceiling Finish
  • Priming and Painting
  • Installation of Interior Finishes
  • Final City of Calgary Inspections
  • Closeout Task List
  • Final Construction Related Cleaning (Duct Work, Exterior and Interior Cleaning)
  • Project Turnover

8. Completion

Your newly renovated areas are complete, and ready for you to move in and enjoy!  Our warranty is according to the Government of Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act and covers the areas that were updated during your renovation.  This act provides the outline for the warranty on our renovations, your renovation may include the following, dependent on the scope of your project:


  • 1 Year Labour and Material Warranty on Finishes (Note: Individual finishes may carry a longer manufacturer warranty.)
  • 2 Year Labour and Material Warranty on Mechanical Work (Heating, Electrical and Plumbing)
  • 5 Year Building Envelope Warranty
  • 10 Year Structural Integrity Warranty


At Mayfield Renovations Ltd. we are all about building and fostering amazing long-term relationships.  We know you are excellent in your field of expertise, and that you count on us to be experts in helping you renovate, and then care for your home for years to come.  Welcome to the Mayfield family!


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