Learn More About One of Mayfield Renovations Core Corporate Philosophies.

Charitable Giving

Social Consciousness

Social Consciousness guides us and impacts our clients in how we choose to conduct business.

Givers Gain

We never say no, we always find a way to help


Creating long term relationships with our clients and providing renovation solutions that are built to last

Giving back provides us with a focus greater than ourselves.

Increasing company profitability is generally not the main motivator for employees, however working with diligence and excellence in order to help people who genuinely cannot better their own lives engages many of us. This removes the daily pressure of having to 'make a sale', towards a commitment for what is best for all; our clients, humanity, and ourselves.

So how does Mayfield Renovations Ltd.’s second core value of Social Consciousness actually benefit our clients?

Social Consciousness guides us in the following characteristics, which impacts our clients in how we choose to conduct business.

1. Compassion

Advise our clients, from our expertise, on what will (or won’t) work for them, based on what they want to do in their home.

We care that they are using their money wisely, and we actually talk clients out of about $500K worth of renovations each year when we do not feel that it is in their best interest to do the work they are considering

2. Respect

We tell clients early on in our process that we WANT them to tell us when they don’t like ideas that we share.  We need that kind of feedback in order to adjust to what is best for them.

3. Collaboration

Great renovations come from all of us; clients, designers, sub-trades and the full Mayfield Renovations Ltd. Team working together.

In the words of a past client, we never say no, we always find a way.

A good renovation is truly a partnership between homeowners and us, so we ensure that we are working together with our clients.  By sharing from our knowledge, our homeowners make fully informed decisions based on what is best for them.

4. Sub-Trades

Through the years we have worked hard to develop a team of like-minded sub-trades who share these same traits. 9/10 of our homeowners save money by living at home during their renos, so this is one of the many things we work on so that they can easily live at home during their renos!

5. Patience

We get it that most people know very little about home construction, so whenever our homeowners have questions we love taking time to explain what is going on.

We also get it that good quality renovation work is an investment of money, so we encourage our homeowners to take the time they need doing research, in order to feel fully comfortable with proceeding with their renovation.

6. Sustainabilty

In other parts of the world, we have been inside wood frame houses that are over 500 years old.  This means that even though some of our new communities have houses that are only built to last 60-80 years it is actually normal in other countries to think about future generations when building a home.  We provide this kind of workmanship here in Canada, to ensure that our clients never have to worry about their renovated area again, and to ensure that we are planning properly for the good of our clients, this planet, and for the generations that will come after us.

7. Gratitude

We are so incredibly grateful that we live here in Canada!  And we are grateful for each homeowner that chooses to partner with us.  This is how we are able to create long term relationships with our clients so that ten years later they will still call us with a question on how to maintain something in another area of their home, or to take advantage of the discounts that we get, which we share with our past clients.

Local Community Involvement

When the Cerebral Palsy office moved to Macleod Trail, Mayfield Renovations gifted their CP the office renovation – all materials and labour.
cerebral palsy support

Myanmar & India

Worked with the Salaam Balaak Trust – helping street kids in the inner cities of Dehli (~6,000 kids under the age of 10 living on their own) and Mumbai.

In Myanmar, we provided the housing for widows and provide monthly support to a private orphanage.

Kings Ransom - Nicaragua

In 2016 we built 5 homes in Nicaragua in for the extreme poor (living on a dump). Communities are built in conjunction with the government, and train residents in creating sustainable income, educating the children, etc
kings ransom charity


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