Preserve Energy – Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

home energy updates

If you’ve got a home renovation planned, working on making it energy efficient should also be part of the plan. Making your home more energy efficient can also mean making it quieter, less expensive to operate, and even more durable. Homes built before 1985, on average, consume double the amount of energy than newer homes. In an effort to make homes more energy efficient, many provinces are now considering a requirement for homes being sold to be tested under the EnerGuide rating system standards. Alberta is even offering an energy efficiency rebate. As of April 19, 2017, homeowners get back up to 30% of the costs of residential energy efficient upgrades. In order to claim these costs official receipts must be presented.

To find out if your home is energy efficient, you can hire a trained energy advisor to test your home and receive an EnerGuide label. The label shows percentage of energy being used where, ie. heating, lighting etc. They will even provide a report showing key areas for improvement. With that information, prior to doing any renovations, you can discuss any required improvements with your contractor so that you can make the most out of your renovation, as well as your energy costs.