Renovation Quotes, Scheduling and Employees, Subtrade Contractors and Suppliers

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Welcome to our fourth blog post discussing points you should be looking for when considering who you will choose to renovate your home or work space.


Does your chosen contractor provide a detailed outline with the scope of work and products covered by their quoted price for your planned renovation?  Are you able to dialogue with your contractor and receive answers to any questions you may have from their quote?  The quote for your renovation should specify what material and labour is included in the quote, and what items are allowances, or items that my fluctuate in price.

Renovation Scheduling

Are you provided with a schedule that lists the order of work that will be done in your home, with reasonable time projections?  Renovations can be lengthy and it is frustrating if it seems like there is downtime when nothing is being done in your home.  Discussing scheduling with your renovator will help you have a clear understanding of their process and timing during work that is done in your home.  I always share the excitement of homeowners during the beginning stages once work starts in their home.  Demolition and framing move along so quickly with huge amounts of progress visible daily!  However I also always caution clients by helping them understand that each consecutive stage of their renovation will seem to take longer, leading up to the precise finishing work that yields a spectacular renovation.  Certain stages, such as drywall, seem to show no apparent progress because time is needed for drywall mud to dry.  By understanding the schedule of work that will be done on your home, and learning the basics about the various steps necessary to complete your renovation and how your general contractor is working to keep your project moving ahead according to your plan you will have less stress during your renovation!

Employees/Subtrade Contractors/Suppliers

One of the very first questions to ask before you allow any worker into your home is whether they are covered by valid construction and/or renovation insurance.  You will want to work with a general contractor who uses only licensed and insured subtrade contractors.  It is also important to check whether the subtrades and suppliers who will be involved on your project have a good working history, necessary tickets and City of Calgary licenses and experience working in their industries.  Your general contractor should organize and ensure that all subtrades and employees that they use on your project have valid insurance and City of Calgary business licenses.