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Structural Changes To Your Home

Create More Space

Add a second floor, bonus room over the garage, or addition.

Home Reconfiguration

Changing the location of stairwells, adding a separate basement entryway or developing your attic into usable space for bedrooms or a bonus room.

Load Bearing Wall Removal

For example, removing walls between kitchen and living areas

Structural changes are a great way to modify your home to better suit your needs.

Structural changes are modifications to the way that your home was originally designed to carry loads (dead loads of the materials and components in your home that never move, and live loads of the people, furniture and weather conditions that move and change over time).
The National Building Code of Canada is continually updated to provide guidelines according to the latest advancements in structural engineering technology to keep your home safe for you to live and play in! The City of Calgary Planning and Development Centre manages the applications and inspections for Building Permits that are required when structural changes are made to your home.

Some fantastic ways that the structure may be able to be changed in your home are:
  • Adding a second floor, bonus room over the garage, or addition.
  • Opening up walls between your home and yard by adding windows and/or patio doors or French doors so that you can bring sunlight in while easily accessing your outdoor living areas.
  • Adding windows and/or doors.
  • Removing walls between kitchen and living areas.
  • Removing bedroom walls to create a larger master suite.
  • Adding a separate basement entryway.
  • Adding an elevator shaft to make all levels of your home accessible.
  • Changing the location of stairwells.
  • Vaulting the ceiling of an area of your home with attic space above.
  • Adding cantilevers to increase space in kitchens, mudrooms, or other areas of your home.
  • Developing your attic into usable space for bedrooms or a bonus room.
  • Any other modifications to the original, intended use of the structure that is supporting the floor plan and roof system of your home.

Client Examples

We design, build and support structural home renovations for our Calgary clients. We make your home stand out. Here are some examples.

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All structural changes require a City of Calgary Building Permit, and some structural changes also require a City of Calgary Development Permit. This is important for you so that there is a continuous record on your home showing that all work has been done according to current building code requirements. Because of this permitting requirement for structural changes, these projects will include the production of drawings for the areas being modified, structural engineer stamped letter(s) and site inspections, as well as City of Calgary inspections.

Some structural changes will need temporary load bearing walls, addition foundation/footing work, posts and beams, and other supports that will be hidden in the walls and basement of your home.

You may not be aware of what can be possible with changing the structure of your home. We’re happy to brainstorm with you on how the structure of your home may be modified to better suit your needs and lifestyle!


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