When we moved to a larger house last September, we were finally able to move forward on our dream project – converting an extra bedroom downstairs into a home library. We attended the Calgary Home and Design Show and spoke with a number of renovation contractors about the feasibility of building our library. To be honest, our initial discussions with various contractors left us feeling quite uninspired and disappointed. But then we spoke with James, Karla and Elysia of Mayfield Renovations Ltd. Their immediate enthusiasm for our project, pertinent questions, and genuine understanding of the structural and aesthetic desires of the confirmed bibliophile was both impressive and enervating.  We knew we had found the right renovation company.

The room we wanted to renovate was irregularly shaped and presented a number of design challenges. The design that Mayfield created was truly innovative and exciting, utilizing virtually every bit of available space for our book collection. They worked with us every step of the way, incorporating our ideas and suggesting remarkable concepts.

The actual physical work was completed in a timely manner with a minimum of inconvenience to us. All of Mayfield’s contractors (carpentry, electrical, painting, floor installation) were, to a person, highly professional and a genuine pleasure to meet. Karla, James and Elysia regularly came to our house to oversee the work in process, and they answered and addressed any questions we might have. They were a joy to have in our home and we feel like we have made new friends.

In the end, the design far exceeded what we had  been picturing in our mind’s eye. Our humble idea for a home library has become the showcase room in our home – all completed within the budget we had decided upon. Our friends and family have all been blown away by the elegance of our new library.

We would not hesitate to recommend Mayfield Renovations Ltd for any home renovation project. We know that we will be working with them again in the future – we’ve got some ideas for a backyard patio that we’d love to have them design.

Ian & Deirdre
We were referred to Mayfield Renovations by friends who had undertaken a major renovation on their house. They were very happy with the workmanship and process with the Mayfield company. When we wanted some flooring, painting, design and plumbing work done in our basement we contacted them. Being in an older, inner city home we were used to finding unwanted surprises! We were impressed with the ‘can do’ attitude of the Mayfield group, the quality of craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the trades that James brought in as needed. James also demonstrated thoughtful consideration in aligning our desires with our budget as applied to the reality of the job at hand. We are very pleased with the function and look of the finished work. We especially appreciated that from the day the work started to the day it was finished there was a consistent presence and monitoring of progress and that we could contact James at any time and receive a prompt response.
Linda and David Lathrop
Mayfield Renovations began purchasing windows and doors from us in 2005. They are extremely professional people to deal with and I would recommend their services to any one interested in a total or partial renovation. They provide a high level of honesty and integrity in every project they undertake.
I want to say a big thank you to Mayfield Renovations for literally saving our house. It was Dec 18, 2010 when we discovered that our bathroom renovation that was in the finishing stages had a major fault. Namely the contractor had no electrical permit and electrical work had been done which created a DEADLY set of circumstances. In a panic I talked to several co-workers to find a solution and that was when I received Mayfield’s name. Over the next 2 working days we had to gut the first renovation and get the bathroom re-wired so that we were safe again. James and his crew gave up some of their Christmas break to accomplish this for us. (We are very grateful.) The completed job took 2 ½ weeks and we are enjoying the comfort and luxury of a spa-like bathroom now. James works hard coordinating his crew and sub-trades to minimize time lost in waiting for the next step. Whether it’s an inspection or segment of the job – timing is everything. Their workmanship is fantastic and attention to detail amazing. Two things the owner might not think about until after the work has been completed. We learned the hard way having to redo a bad renovation. However the end result was a great job and new friends. Some things that impressed me about this job were that Mayfield Renovations are conscientious about cleaning up after the day’s work and aware of how their presence affects the home owner. They work with the home owner to create solutions for issues arising as part of the job (like only having one bathroom as in our case). I will definitely be hiring Mayfield’s Renovations again as they go above and beyond the standard to provide satisfaction in a comfortable, timely manner.
In 2008 we began inquiries into a company that could develop our basement and renovate the main floor of our two storey home in Braeside. Like most people, we began asking friends, family and acquaintances. As if it were meant to be, the Mayfield name kept popping up from our network of friends. Ironically, these former, satisfied customers of Mayfield construction did not know each other, but all of them had the Mayfield family in their homes. For some, the project was a single bathroom renovation, for others it was a kitchen, for another, a whole home renovation and addition! Although the families each had something different completed, they all had the same experience with Mayfield Renovations….excellence! We knew our research was over, and the process was simple: a phone call, a meeting, an exchange of ideas and a date was set! Now, here are the facts that provided us with an awesome experience with Mayfield Renovations: We had Mayfield Renovations in our home for six solid months; 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. We never had a down day waiting on contractors. Each day was filled with real, solid work. We had our basement developed to include: steam shower bathroom, spare bedroom, full sized windows dug out, workout area, sport lockers, rec. room and fireplace, new stairwell with landing We had our main floor gutted to the studs and four walls removed to develop: open concept kitchen/living room, fireplace, mudroom, laundry room, ½ bathroom, studio office, another entrance created off the kitchen to our new patio, and an incredible, new foyer stairwell New windows throughout our home. Yes, we lived in our home for the entire renovation project. It was easy because the entire Mayfield Team made it so. We knew exactly when they were going to be in our home, what they would be working on and they knew our schedule. Mutually and Respecfully, we worked together and around each other! Our favorite experiences and memories around the entire renovation: Karla Mayfield! She made a tremendous effort to understand what we wanted out of our home and created what we needed! Karla connected with our children and our dogs and to this day still comes to spend time with our family and our home! The Mayfield Team always presented with professionalism and individual self pride. Language, dress, personal vices, etc were never an issue! Quality and workmanship were excellent, and if an issue did arise, James or Karla recognized and dealt with it fairly and quickly. Our final product still gives us goose bumps! We absolutely love our home and the way it has turned out. It has been three years and we don’t regret any of our choices!
We had James and his crew do a complete basement renovation in 2005. We have had many compliments over the years on the workmanship. So when it can time to have the rest of our house renovated we turned to them again. The project turned into a complete house rebuild. So many hours of planning went into this project. They started and completed the rebuild on time. We especially appreciated the effort to keep the workspace as neat and unobtrusive for our neighbours as possible. The sub-trades that were working on site were co-ordinated by either James or Karla Mayfield and again were skilled and easy to work with. We were always welcomed on site and were consulted regularly. Since we travel a great deal some of the planning and consulting we did by e-mail, with ease. We certainly would recommend Mayfield Renovations for any professional building project.
Allan and Noelle
Neighbours invited us to an open house following the completion of their renovations. We were impressed, so asked for their contractor’s name. Mayfield Renovations Ltd. started work on our home on February 4, 2008 and completed work in the third week of June, 2008. Our renovation was finished exactly according to the time line quoted by James Mayfield. We have had Mayfield Renovations work on one major renovation, but James and Karla have followed up on minor jobs and warranty work for us since. Our renovation covered pretty much the whole of the main floor, including a bathroom, kitchen, dining room, family room, study, utility room and hallways (downstairs and upstairs). Our kitchen was gutted and redesigned (changed from electric to gas top and all appliances replaced, windows removed, moved position and replaced). Floors were torn out and replaced with hardwood and tiles throughout. Paneling was removed and walls drywaled, sanded to perfection and painted; ceilings were scraped, sanded to perfection and painted along with all walls and remaining woodwork. Windows were replaced, one even with a bay window. The electrical wiring was totally replaced to include pot lights and ceiling speakers, etc. Wood fireplaces were replaced with gas fireplaces and all electrical built in behind the bricks of the fireplace and run through an in-wall conduit from the television to the media control center. Mayfield Renovations’ workmanship is outstanding. Their employees and sub-trades conducted themselves with total respect for us and our home. Every evening clean-up was complete and all drop cloths were removed and each day newly laundered drop cloths were put down before the team began work. They took great care with our very old dogs so that they were calm and comfortable while the work was going on. One of the things that we liked best about their company was how James and Karla always took the time to discuss plans, listen to us, provide options and even attend at various show rooms to provide professional advice. The team was totally reliable and pleasant to work with. It is difficult to decide what our favourite part of our new renovation is – hmmmmm – our new kitchen, eating area, family room and the larger windows/French doors. The truth be known – all of it! As to whether we were happy with their service and our renovation – Yes. We have also been pleased with their follow-up. James and Karla have always been available. James always says: “Once a customer, always a customer.” The Mayfields are loyal to their clients.
Homeowners in Oakridge Estates
When we first met James, Mayfield Renovations Ltd. was working for friends who started doing a small project and ended up nearly re-building their house. They were delighted with the work James had done for them. We kept an eye on the progress of the job and rejoiced with them when it was done. They had nothing but praise for James and his company. We booked our kitchen reno two years in advance just to get onto James’ calendar. We started with a small project to see how the crew worked and to get a feel for the process of renovating. That was November 2008. There were a number of problems and by the end of April (six months later) our little project was done. Delays resulted from a measuring error by a supplier, unsatisfactory work by a sub-trade (hired by me) that had to be ripped out and replaced, and my decision to stop work over the holidays. What convinced us to continue with James was that each problem was dealt with promptly and politely, both with us and with the trades that caused the problems. We are happy with a whole new main level to upper level flight of stairs and an unusual storage solution, completed May 2009. We went straight from that into the big project of the kitchen. First project end date of May 2009 – second project end date of August 2009. James estimated three months and it was almost exactly that, even with some delays and “reno adventures”. Karla looked after all the City of Calgary regulations and permit requirements. When I made one trip to city hall on my own, with careful instructions from Karla, it gave me new appreciation for her expertise and patience with red tape. We live in Oakridge in a 1973 Engineered Home. Our renovation involved solving some unique problems which we had lived with for years. We had initiated the renovation process several times, interviewing a number of contractors; James was the first to offer a practical, affordable solution. Because it involved ripping out the 2 upstairs bathrooms and the main floor ½ bath at the same time as gutting the kitchen, it became a bigger project than we had anticipated, but it was the only way to do it. We worked out a time line and a list of supplies that we would have to order well in advance. Karla introduced me to applicable suppliers, and held our hands through the Ikea kitchen process. She made good suggestions and was able to quickly re-arrange the order list when an unexpected structural issue cost us 6 inches on a major wall. Amazing what a difference 6 inches makes! James treats his sub-trade contractors and crew with respect, and the different crews worked well together. We were pleased with the professional trades sub-contracted by James. He has worked with some of the same businesses for several years and on many projects, and is confident in their ability. During the times when there were a number of trades working over and around each other; I never heard other than good humour and co-operation. Even on days when things did not run smoothly, I never heard anyone lose their temper or speak disrespectfully. At the end of every work day, the job site was cleaned up, garbage dealt with, cords and tools moved out of the way. Throughout the project, whenever safety measures were required, the proper process and equipment was always used, often above standards. Building codes were explained to me, and there was never a question of shortcuts being taken. James would often teach as a job progressed, explaining how and why he wanted something done a certain way. We lived in the home throughout the project and were never without power or water for more than a few hours. Every night, my husband and I went through the work site, taking photos and making notes, and every morning, James and I would discuss the progress and expectations for the day. I always knew who would be in the house and what they would be doing. James always introduced the crews to me, and never sent anyone to the house without letting me know who would be coming and when. It was understood on starting this project that it would be done in stages, and eighteen months later, we have just finished the final installation of storage units and some extra cabinetry. We were pleased to be able to call upon tradesmen who had worked with James and receive the same quality of service. Yes, we had a few problems. Yes, they were dealt with satisfactorily, on time, and on budget. Yes, there were a few things we might have done differently, but I am delighted with the results. No one thing stands out as a favorite, unless it is the compliments we receive both from people who knew the house as it was, and from people who see it for the first time.
Happy Oakridge Homeowners

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