The Importance of Good Roofing Materials – Industry Insight

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Just as important as the foundation of a home, your roof with quality roofing materials is fundamental to the integrity of your home’s structure.

A high-quality roof utilizing the best roofing materials offers assurances that a low-quality roof won’t provide. Weather is by far the greatest challenge as far as roofs go. The weather in Western Canada is considered very extreme, with high winds, hail storms, heavy rains, and heavy snowfalls all taking their toll on the roof. Having a high quality roof installed ensures your home is better suited to deal with the intense weather patterns we see.

A good roof will also enhance your homes curb appeal, which increases the property value. If the roof has algae or moss, is sagging, or it appears old and decrepit it could send a signal that your home hasn’t been kept up with. However, if the roof is in good shape, it can be assumed the rest of the house has been tended to with care.

Even if you aren’t selling your home, a high quality roof with proper attic ventilation and adequate attic insulation, your home will experience fewer air leaks. This will equate to a lower heating and cooling bill. If you care about comfort in your home and you want to save money while protecting your home value, a good roof is essential.


Patrick Seamans

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