Transitioning…. For your Home: When Renovating Makes Sense

March is upon us, and I know I’m anticipating the day when I go outside to smell the change in the air that hints that spring is around the corner.  As the landscape around us here in Calgary begins the slow thaw towards spring, it has me thinking about other areas of growth and transition.  There’s no denying that society is in the early days of transitioning to a world that works for all of us, and it’s got me thinking: is it possible for any area of life that isn’t ideal to transition to a new way of being?  I’m thinking about growing pains and birthing pains, and I see that as a society we are in those pains as we question what is and isn’t working.  And what about your home, what is and isn’t working for you?  Could an expert renovator help you collaborate on ideas to transition your home to better serve your needs?

A house is a structure, and here in Calgary it is specifically a wood framed structure for human habitation.  But technicalities aside, what do we actually use our houses for?  Most of us use our house to create a home that is personalized to us, our style, our preferences and our habits.  To that end I think of a home as a building that is there to serve us.  Though renovations are directed to some extent by the original design of the structure of your home, that structure can be modified, or transitioned, in order to better serve your needs.  What have you noticed through the winter months that you wish were different about your home?  What you prefer might easily be possible with a renovation.

And why would you renovate?  Here are some of the most common reasons we hear from our past clients on why they chose to renovate their home.  One or more of these reasons might perfectly describe you!

  • You love your neighborhood
  • You love your neighbors
  • You’ve worked to create a yard you enjoy
  • You have a large yard
  • Your children go to a great school nearby
  • Your home is close to a on off leash park your dog loves
  • You have an alley and love the benefits that go along with having an alley (ie: a garage that exits onto the alley, or you like to keep your garbage bin in the alley)
  • There are large trees in your neighborhood
  • You’ve already invested money into renovations to personalize some areas of your home
  • You love the short commute to work
  • You love how close you are to _______________
  • You are mortgage free
  • Homes you’ve looked at moving to would still need a renovation
  • Your family is growing, and you need more space
  • You’re heading into retirement and plan to spend more time at home
  • Your yard and home are beautifully lit by sunlight throughout the day
  • Your yard backs, or faces, onto a green space

And speaking of green spaces, thoughts of spring, growth, and birthing pains… renovations, from the early planning stages through to the final post construction cleaning, are a long process that is accomplished by a team.  We are creating something new together, and it takes time and patience.  We love working with you and communicating throughout the entire process so that your renovation is less of a ‘pain’.  We’d love to hear your thoughts on renovations and look forward to answering your questions!  You can send me a note at

Looking forward to a Calgarian spring, whenever that might be!  ?