Warranties, Ability to View Previous Work and Referrals

Quality Design In Mind

Well this is our sixth and last blog post in our mini-series on things that you will want to consider when hiring your renovation contractor in Calgary, Alberta.  I hope that this information has been useful to you.  Looking forward to sharing more renovation advice with you in future blog postings!


Though your general contractor will probably be the one purchasing the products that go into your home, the warranties for these items should transfer to you.  On a larger scale you will want to hire a general contractor who warranties and stands behind their work.  Look for a company that has definite warranties behind their work, but even more importantly who has been in business for several and has clients that go back to them when they need more work done on their home.

Ability to view previous work

If you are considering hiring a renovator you will want to view some of their previous work.  Both photos and home tours should be readily available for you to see their workmanship, from the beginning stages of framing through to the finished renovation.  Another neat aspect of view previous homes that your renovator has worked on allows you to see how their workmanship has stood up to daily use.


Does your general contractor provide you with references of previous clients they have worked for?  Do you have freedom to call and ask questions of other homeowners who have gone through your renovators process?  It is even better if you can meet some of their clients by viewing their renovation.  We, the renovator(s), can only tell you so much about our processes and what to expect during your renovation.  Talking to other homeowners allows you to get feedback and perspective from people who walked in the same shoes that you will be walking in.

Well I hope that these preliminary discussions on things that you should be looking for in your renovation contractor help you as you begin your journey towards developing your own home.  Renovating is hard work, for the contractor, the employees and for you, the homeowner.  But I believe that with careful planning, open communication and dedicated work you too can develop your home into your own special sanctuary!  Happy renovating!