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Your home is your haven, your retreat at the end of a busy day, your place to entertain, relax and enjoy yourself. Through excellent design and quality renovations we’re committed to helping you create the exact home improvements you are looking for!


Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated renovation company working in Calgary, Alberta. By keeping our overhead low we are able to offer you high quality, custom renovations that will fit within your budget. We are committed to providing you with an honest and wholesome home renovation experience. Though not all of our crew are family members, we have developed and continue to grow as a team that respect each other and work together to create beautiful, high quality renovations. By smoothly working together as a team we are able to provide our clients with continuity of labourers throughout

their home renovation. Our staff are clean, quiet and efficient. We respect your home and neighbourhood environment; therefore our jobsites are free of loud music, offensive conversations and are cleaned and organized at the end of each working day. Each member of our staff takes great pride in helping to create beautifully designed and finished renovations. We are excited to help develop homes, basements and additions, taking care to offer you work that we would be proud to have in our own homes!

Recent Projects

A Family Tradition


James Mayfield
General Contractor, Owner


James Mayfield has had over 30 years of experience working in the construction, new home building and home renovation industries. James enjoys the hands-on aspect of home renovations and works daily here in Calgary with our crew to help build solid construction upon which to install excellent finishing details. James is innovative and always willing to develop new and creative plans to help create each and every aspect of your dream renovation. One of our clients described James’ attitude as: “He never says, no we can’t do that. He says we’ll find a way to make that work.” Due to his extensive experience in custom renovations and home building he is able to provide creative and solid solutions and training for your home development. James is patient with both clients and staff and is available daily to help explain why things are being done the way they are, to teach and train, to answer any and all questions, and to provide regular, detailed site walk-throughs for our homeowners. Yes, James welcomes your viewing of each stage of the work done by Mayfield Renovations Ltd.! Having James as your General Contractor and Project Manager ensures that the utmost care is invested into your home renovation.


Karla Mayfield
Designer, Scheduler, Owner of Renew


Mayfield Renovations Ltd. works in partnership with Renew; a fresh perspective for general contracting and interior design. Since 2005 Karla Mayfield has worked in the construction and home renovation industries here in Calgary, Alberta. Karla began work as a summer labourer with Mayfield Renovations Ltd. and worked her way up through various positions within our general contracting company. By working on and developing precise skills on all stages and aspects of home renovations, Karla provides excellent Project Management and scheduling assistance for the renovations she helps to develop and design. From the beginning stages of planning, through the application processes for City of Calgary development and building permits, through each construction stage to the final, precise finishing details, Karla works with our clients to help our renovations flow as smoothly as possible. Prior to coming to work for Mayfield Renovations Ltd. Karla owned and managed a home cleaning business for several years. This experience lends unique input for our clients in that Karla can give feedback on functionality of floor plans and maintenance of various products.

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